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Wood is the most beautiful natural material and there are so m any different types, each with their own colours and characteristics, The timber from just one tree will have various shades so it is simply not possible to have a 'one size fits all' approach to colour matching, but our colour guide is the result of years of experience matching wood-fillers to the most frequently used shades of different timbers.

We have also produced a basic guide indicating which Brummer colours mat be suitable for different types of wood. Naturally we can only match to the natural untreated timber and the colours we suggest are based on the predominant grain colour of a timber. For larger customers, with very particular requirements, we are able to make specially matched colours, but these are subject to minimum order quantities. To find out more about this service please Contact Us and we can give you further details.

Wood Brummer Shade

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Ash (A,E&J) Pine / Light Oak
Cherry (A&E) Teak
Cherry (J) Medium / Dark Mahogany
Beech (A) Beech / Teak
Beech (E&J) Beech / Light Oak
Birch (A) Maple
Birch (J) Beech
Cedar Medium Oak / Medium Mahogany
Cedar of Lebanon Pine / Light Oak
Elm Light Oak
Iroko Teak
Larch Light Oak / Teak
Maple Maple / Light Oak
Mahogany Medium / Dark Mahogany
Meranti Medium Mahogany / Teak
Oak (A) Pine / Light Oak
Pine Pine / Light Oak
Rosewood Dark Mahogany
Sapele Medium Mahogany
Spruce Pine / Light Oak
Sycamore Maple
Teak Medium Oak / Teak
Walnut (A) Dark Mahogany / Light Walnut
Walnut (E&SA) Light Walnut / Teak
Yew Light Walnut / Teak

This chart is for guidance only and should not be considered definitive.

Key: A=American, E=European, J=Japanese, SA=South American

For technical reasons connected with colour reproduction these shades may not exactly match the actual colours of Stoppings and Fillers

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